Friday, May 27, 2011

Camion de Comida Ahorra!

My good (and delicious) friends over at Black Bean Deli here in Orlando need (y)our help! They are ever so close to launching their guaranteed-to-be-awesome food truck 'La Empanada', after having put more money than I’ve ever seen into this they need help with the little bit that’s left. They’re asking for donations via At every donation level (from $1 to $2,000) they’re ar really great rewards given by La Empanada/Black Bean Deli. They only need about $2,500 more BUT they only have 10 days left to reach their pre-determined goal or they get nothing. That’s just how it works. So if we all pitch in just a little, the benefits would be incredible for the whole of Orlando! I mean, have you HAD their empanadas?! Amazing. To help go to Cuban Food Truck NOW!

To see more about La Empanada check out The Big Announcemnt

That’s all for now and I hope to see that delicious camiĆ³n out on the road soon!

Stay leathery,

The Wolf Himself

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