Monday, August 30, 2010

Chopper fans, gather 'round...

This is one of my latest creations for a recently completed custom hard tail chopper, built for my buddy Jacob, by Fat American Choppers here in Florida! He's takin' off across the country (which rules) alone on his bike. But as you can see, there's room for a passenger should he come across one along the way ; ) The seat pan was custom made by Josh @ Fat American and the rest was all me. Shaped the foam, carved and stained the leather and stitched it all together. What a labor of love! Enjoy, y'all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Right to bear (artfully clad) arms

I recently made this case for a client's Walther PPK... Ya know, James Bonds gun? She (yes she) is a good friend of mine and I was real happy to see her so stoked on her new accessory. It's less a holster, more a case, as it can't be carried on your person. But who doesn't like a bit of excess? Stay tuned for some "coming soon" gear and the official website built by The Black Axe!

Ride Hard!

Friday, January 15, 2010

When the Wolf is Black, Imperial is the Axe

The Black Axe leather wallet by Imperial Wolf! NOW AVAILABLE! Contact The Black Axe for more info!

When the world was made...

Some of the Wolf's first creations

Custom made clutch wallet 

Danzing Beer Coozie

Guitar strap and Motorcycle seat

There are so many hundreds more but we'll save those for another throwback post <3>

Humble beginnings...

Hello world! This is the hype-up blog for the soon-to-come Imperial Wolf Website. We here at Imperial Wolf have spent years of intense training and skill crafting to bring you the best in 100% handmade, lasting, and above all BAD ASS leather goods. Our custom shop can create just about anything your heart can will to desire and the release of our Spring line of "ready to wear" goods is fast approaching. Stay tuned for the latest news and happenings here at Imperial Wolf!